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DISC DSL – Space Tech Expo Europe 2023: Highlights

Marc Kneppers, VP of R&D at DISC, recently attended Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen, Germany, marking a significant milestone for the company. This year was particularly special as it was not only DISC's second participation in the conference but also the first year joining the Government of Canada's trade mission.

During the event, DISC took the opportunity to present eClypse, engaging attendees with a presentation at the Space City segment and holding discussions with various government space agencies. These interactions were pivotal in showcasing how small businesses can leverage international platforms for growth, aided by entities like the GC's Department of Global Affairs.

The conference served as a melting pot of ideas and innovations, particularly emphasizing the importance of security in space technology, such as uplink and downlink encryption and ground station security. These discussions highlighted the industry's focus on safeguarding space communications and underscored the significance of DISC's work in enhancing satellite platform cybersecurity, an area poised for significant advancements.

Following the conference, the momentum for DISC continued to build. The connections made at the event have been instrumental in paving the way for future engagements, including the upcoming CySat conference in April 2024. This ongoing participation not only reflects DISC’s commitment to industry advancements but also underscores the importance of collaborative events in fostering innovation and international cooperation in space technology.

Overall, Space Tech Expo Europe was more than just an event; it was a catalyst for future growth and collaboration, offering a glimpse into the dynamic future of the space tech industry.

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