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Litigation Support

At DISC, we specialize in providing top-tier cyber security consulting services to legal professionals handling complex litigation cases. Our world class in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in the field have made us the go-to subject matter experts for some of the largest and most high-profile cyber security cases in Canada.


When tackling complex litigation cases involving technology and digital assets, it's critical to have a trusted cyber security consultant by your side. At DISC, our proven track record, diverse skillset, and commitment to excellence make us the preferred choice for legal professionals seeking knowledgeable assistance with their cases.

Subject Matter Expertise

We provide comprehensive cyber security subject matter expertise to support legal teams in building strong cases related to data breaches, privacy violations, hacking, publicly available information, and more.


Expert Witness Testimony

Our cyber security consultants are available to serve as expert witnesses in court, offering clear and compelling explanations of technical issues and their implications, ensuring that non-technical decision-makers can understand the significance of the evidence presented.


Pre-trial Consulting

We offer strategic guidance in the planning stages of litigation by identifying key technological vulnerabilities, reviewing electronic evidence, and formulating effective lines of questioning for depositions and trial proceedings.


Incident Response Analysis

We conduct in-depth investigations and independent analyses of cyber incidents to help identify the true implications of a breach or cyber attack.

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