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Detecting & Protecting Satellites from Cyber Attacks

The only satellite cyber security solution to protect your data from threats on earth & in space.

Partnering with Canada's Top Space Innovators

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Rapidly evolving supply chains, software-defined satellites, in-orbit reconfigurations, on-board intelligence, and quantum technologies demand a new approach to protecting your satellite.

Funded by the Canadian Department of National Defense through the IDEaS program, eClypse was developed to address satellite security gaps on the ground and in orbit.

For governments and industries prioritizing satellite data security, we invite you to join our testing group to deploy the next generation of eClypse. 

One Platform to Monitor & Protect Your Satellite Data

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Separate Ground Station Monitoring

Be alerted in real-time if there’s a cyber security breach before it compromises your operations and data with our ground station monitoring and forensics platform.

On-premise Hardware

eClypse provides the essential on-board security needed to protect your data in space against cyber security threats on the ground or in orbit. Its flexible hardware integration process removes barriers allowing all satellites to get the security they need, agnostic of their platform. Built on a proprietary real-time operating system and tested on a major Canadian satellite manufacturer. 

Spacecraft Scientist
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Flexible Integration Options

Our flexible software API and lightweight hardware components are ideal for satellites with unique specifications.

Magellan Aerospace

“There's real value in the eClypse acting as a back stop or double check. If an attack were to happen, it would likely be missed and chalked up to an "anomaly" until the attack effects really manifested themselves"

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