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About Us

Our Story

DISC was formed to solve complex and unique problems the public and private sector were facing. This approach has resulted in our success, providing solutions that no other company is able to. Over the years we have carefully selected talent with unique strengths to further the exceptionality of services we can provide. Our team, capabilities, and resources are growing exponentially, becoming a company that is internationally unmatched in current functionality and potential.

At its core, DISC is a company that solves problems by leveraging a depth and breadth of expertise that is not found in most cyber security companies. Each member of the DISC team has over 10 years of experience operating in high value industries in their specialization, with expertise across all elements of security, threat analysis, counter-surveillance, and cyber security. DISC has no junior or intermediate analysts. Team members have not simply worked in these field, they have all managed high profile events, completed major strategic security or cyber projects, and/or lead top tier technical teams. In addition to organic capabilities, DISC maintains partnership with a range of top tier individual consultants that can be brought into projects on-demand.

Experienced Leadership

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