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DISC DSL - Space Tech Expo Europe 2022

The DISC DSL team had the opportunity to attend the Space Tech Expo Europe 2022, held in November in Bremen Germany, Europe’s largest exhibition and conference for the space industry.

The Space tech expo is an excellent avenue to conduct B2B meetings, roam the floor with hundreds of booths with lots of very diversified suppliers on the show floor or attend conference breakout sessions. The conferences that took place onsite provided many constructive and exciting insights into the market and the opportunities the space industry holds.

Due to our reliance on satellites for communication and surveillance, digital transformation has grown exponentially and concurrently so will the risks. DSL recognizes the need to prioritize cybersecurity around space assets and took the opportunity at the expo to meet with vendors from the security community to engage with them and coordinate while learning from each other.

As seen below in our CEO’s mug shot – the DSL team was happy to engage at this interesting and dynamic event!

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