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The team at DISC DSL had the opportunity to attend the CYSAT ‘23 conference held in Paris, France – a country known for its innovative and diversified space ecosystem. This event presented us with the opportunity to network and learn from industry leaders presenting their cutting-edge advances in the specialized field of Space Cyber Security.

Cybersecurity has become a key concern within the Space industry, representing a previously untapped wellspring of security issues. CYSAT was designed to rally key players in the space cybersecurity domain - encompassing industry professionals, businesses, policy makers, and end users - around the pressing challenges in the field.

Conference themes delved into common vulnerabilities found within space systems, advancements in security standards, the impact of cloud computing, certification, intersection of innovation and academia, and emerging technology.

CYSAT '23 provided a compelling landscape for collaboration, and perpetuating the global discourse about emerging cybersecurity needs to tackle the security challenges that arise as we continue to push the boundaries of what we once thought possible in space exploration and technology.

Nick representing DISC at CYSAT 2023


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